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Engagement Specialist!

25 May 2021 News 0
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A lot of the companies providing Live Streaming Services, and many video production companies seem to offer similar skills.  So what can set us apart from the others? What USP can we at Prostream.uk or Pepper Rafferty offer that is different? Sure, I have a back ground in major event live broadcasting, I’ve always thought that was a good thing but sometimes I think that actually puts people off. They either think our services will be very expensive, or perhaps they think I am some big scary person, which I am not.

What is Engagement?

I have thought about this alot today and I believe the answer is engagement. Not the joining together romantic stuff, the practical act of getting people to read or watch the content you produce. What is engagement? That is the million dollar question, it’s what expensive agencies charge the earth for. Well, it’s making something stick, or making a person stick – to the end of your latest youtube upload, reading your blog/facebook post or liking your latest instagram picture. In intellectual terms I guess it is the equivalent of the dramatic goal of getting the audience to empathise with your protagonist! These elements and interactivity should feature in and Live Streaming you plan to do.

Why Specialists?

Why do I suggest we are engagement specialists? Isn’t that a touch arrogant, well it may sound so, but I chose the term carefully. It represents what I have spent the last few years doing. Getting audiences to watch TV programmes, to engage  them in an entertaining way live streaming is just as much of a challenge.. Entertainment comes in many flavours, comedic, emotional, dramatic, visual or a mix of all of them. Your written stuff needs to be a “page turner”, your visual stuff needs cliff hangers, ticking clocks, or compelling information. The cultural tropes of reality TV, Factual Entertainment, or Film, popular culture.

Personality is another major hook, almost every youtube or social media star has one! In regular television the current trend is for guessing games, they have been around since the classic Stars in their Eyes, or Whats My Line and now we Have the MASKED…(substitute anything!) the regeneration of Through the Keyhole, I can Hear your Voice, there are a lot of plays on the idea of guessing. Theres no reason the Live Streaming cant jump on that same band wagon, and it should. I am sure the side men have already for their stream and videos.

How do I/We have the audacity to say I/we are engagement specialists? I think it is the rigour television production teams, producers and directors apply to their shows. Every detail examined, critiqued and modified to give the maximum engagement, timing, look, the development of the story. Having successfully turned a rather dry and visually lacking but important and popular “Reading Challenge” into an engaging and widely viewed reality TV show was perhaps one of my greatest challenges, but with the teams at Fremantle and M for Media we managed to produce and engaging and successful show the “Arab Reading Challenge” broadcast across the entire Arabain region.

Contact Us

So if you want help with your engagement do give us a call. We are a 360 stop for all live streaming services. If you’d like assistance in making those internal communications sessions a delight, or giving your crown funding video or launch a bit of pazzaz and you want it video or streamed contact us, particularly if your are in or around the Cambridge area.


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