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15 May 2021 News 0
Prostream Live Streaming Services Cambridge


Welcome to and our live streaming solutions, based in Cambridge but working anywhere in the UK or globally. We are a new company but with a formidable history! It is our mission the help companies large or small, start ups and individuals connect with people through interactive video, virtual events is the catch all phrase, and that virtual event could be anything. Product Launches, Shareholder Meetings, Graduation Ceremonies or Life’s celebrations, wedding’s, christenings, funerals. Or eSports, online gaming tournaments and of course, actual sports.

The Team

Jonathan Glazier and Marcus Railton started video production company Pepper Rafferty in 2011. It has provided large Streams for Cambridge University Press and Accenture. Linking partners from all over the world coming together to reach the public or large internal employees again spread all over the globe. ProStream.UK is a product of this experience and the issues companies have faced and still face during the prolonged period of uncertainty due to covid, particularly international travel.

Jonathan has many years experience and is an award winning director of live and as live TV shows. He leads the University of Creative Arts module in As Live Television Production, helping the next generation of live production creatives and technicians into the industry. There is no safer pair of hands for your live stream or virtual event.

Solving a Problem

If you ask any youtuber, influencer or content creator or social media lead in any company what the hardest part of the Job is they will all say, “coming up with regular quality content. Creating content for social media and live streams is like working on News or Magazine television, it is a daily fight to fill up the screen hours. Jonathan and Marcus have both worked extensively in these environments. The problem they will help you solve is that never ending quest for Good Quality content, all without those large agency fees, A model they are both keen to disrupt.

We can help with every aspect of a live event, and don’t forget the word event is all encompassing, your event may be a weekly round up of new product for your customers. Or a local newspaper weekly round up. Perhaps its a cloud weekly funding up date, letting your sponsors know where you are at. It could be a church service, or an educational Q and A from a guest speaker. Or perhaps it’s a weekly connection between your companies satellite offices around the UK or the world.

Why do anything Live?

You may be wondering why are we doing this LIVE and not just recording and posting a video. Recorded video is very important, but remember your live streams often become recorded video. you need than to look OK. Theres another up side, if you plan well theres less work, you don’t have to spent hours editing the material LIVE is LIVE and if it looks good and you got it right first time you can leave it up there as soon as its finished. Ask any influencer the drag is A, coming up with the ideas and B, the edit making them look as good as they can be. Live means you can get content out regularly and quickly, even if it is recorded “AS LIVE.”

Engagement is the biggest plus to doing live streams, you can talk, answer, interact and debate with your viewers. Running polls or competitions is a breeze having remote guests to answer questions is a huge draw.

Lock down showed us the potential for Live streaming, especially for businesses but it applies to so many situations. Sure we are all desperate to get back to meeting up in person, but even under normal circumstances not all your customers or invitees can make your event. Its less expensive than flying half your team to a 5 star hotel in Venice for a conference on glass manufacturing, if you can do it virtually, its greener, cheaper and less time consuming and Venice should be for romantic holidays with your partner, not and business trip about glass blowing.

So thats what we do at ProStream, form the equipment to get started, the skills needed to present a good account of yourself, the actual staging of the event, any graphic elements, a single camera stream launching you startup to a full blows conference or trade show over 3 days. We have the skills and talent to help you connect with real people in real time. Call us 07595333760 or email

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