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Whether Streams, vlogs or sharing: content is king and the content is the biggest probelm for businesses, we help sovle that problem without the huge agency fee.

Why Stream?

Video Streaming content means we can connect more, from locations spread around the country or the world and we can connect, interactively and personally. It really does connect you with your audience, co-workers, clients and customers. A launch need no longer be for the press and dignitaries its for every one. Scientists can exchange ideas and share. It’s another example of democratising information and access.

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Content for Business

After working in Live TV on programes like, This Morning or local news, even comming up with new ideas to Open Asia’s Got Talent, we are really well placed to help you solve your conent issues. Creating quality content week on week is one of the biggest challenges marketing busineses on social media. Live Streaming content of interest to your community of customers or clients is a great way of engaging and converting them to sales. We can help with the production of great sustainable low cost quility content. It will save you money and increase your bottom line.

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A few things we’re great at

Stream live events! Imagine streaming live video events as easily as uploading a video to YouTube. Thanks to Streaming , we’re now able to live stream Virtual Events to anywhere in the world using only an Internet connection!

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Content Creation

Regular posts are the key to engagement but its daunting. With years of producing experience we can help you with content creation.


The Technical Stuff

It seems very geek centric or expensive. It’s neither, much of the software is free, you probably have the gear already. We can help with the set up.



There’s a reason some of us work behind the camera. However, we know good and bad presentation. We can make your presentation better.



From simple single camera vlogs to large events with multiple cameras, remote guests advanced graphics, sound and lighting, yup we can do that.


Our Awesome Team

We use a small group of award winning crew members. Jonathan and Marcus work with every client personally.


Creative Director

Respected around the world as an Executive Producer and Director of live Television, with credits from This Morning, Local News, Asias Got Talent & The Royal Variety. Visiting Lecturer, UCA live prodction module. There is no safer pair of hands working in the live or as live streaming industry.



Marcus Railton has extensive experience working in digital and broadcast media. A business savvy, motivated, self starter with strong storytelling and marketing skills who can create content and devise both commercial and creative strategies for a variety of digital channels and platforms.

Pepper Rafferty


PR is our video company, established in 2011, to disrupt the tradition agency model. We concentrated on delivering great video for realistic budgets. from SME, start ups and clients like Sony and Accenture. A one stop shop for ideas, video, graphics, motion graphics and post production.

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We provide help with streaming, it is our mission to bring live streaming to any person, company or organisation that needs to connect with people.

Info Tips & Inspiration

Our library of social media posts, containg information, tips & we hope some inspiration for your content.

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